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The Lightning play the Leafs tonight. Hopefully the Bolts can get their first win with the new guys. I really think Smitty played well Wednesday night, but he had absolutely no support out there from his defensemen. Apparently Tortorella wants Jeffy to score more goals¬†than he was scoring in Dallas. Hopefully he’ll get another one tonight.

I just wanted to note that only one player for the Stars finished with a minus rating.. my favorite defenseman Norstrom. I’m sure he’s a great guy… but wow, $4 million a year? I’d take Nisky, Grossman, and Fistric over him for less money combined.

I’ll be at the Trashville game tomorrow night. Watch for a girl getting arrested for attacking Trashville fans…




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Sorry for the late start tonight. I’m busy getting stuff ready for the weekend, but Sarah should be here to update during the 2nd intermission.

Stars look really good tonight. Some of this comes from the Hawks looking really bad tonight.

Goals scored by Hagman, Modano, Hagman, Eriksson, and Daley. 3 assists so far for Richards. That boy can pass…

I love how Hagman points at whoever passed him the puck when he scores. I love how Mike Modano can still skate through entire teams and come out with the puck. I love how I almost went into shock when Daley scored. Brenden’s had a lot of good chances tonight. Hopefully he can add another goal tonight.

They just showed Brenden leveling Seabrook in the game earlier in the year ūüôā

5-1 with 6 minutes to go in the 2nd

Okay, it’s still 5-1 at the end of the 2nd, and I must say, the guys look pretty wonderful tonight, mostly because the Hawks are letting them. Don’t get me wrong, I do think Richards’ assists were nice, but I’m still grumpy about the trade, so deal with it. I’m certianly no better after reading the story from the DMN¬†about Marty and Smitty. I know some people think it’s ridiculous to be so attached to people you’ve never met and probably will never get to know, but I feel that hockey brings so much fun to my life and is a big part of my life, and whenever something big like this trade¬†happens, it’s like something big happens in my life. I like to see hockey from more than just the on-ice aspects; I like knowing what’s going on in the players’ lives, hear about what they’re up to and the like. (I suppose I’m an emotional person most of the time anyway, so it’s not too suprising.) I don’t know, I guess it is just my nature to get quite attached to things I love and dig my proverbial claws in.

¬†Anyway, back to the game…

Marty looks fairly solid tonight, that goal against was really odd; I’m still not sure what happened. I have NO idea whatsoever why they haven’t resigned Hagman…does anyone else have any insight on this? He’s been a great asset for us this year and I’d really hate to see him go since he’s been so great this year¬†(and he’s one of our Finns). Daley scored and I was pretty shocked to see that! He actually did something semi-useful! Oh, wait, I forgot that he was a bit more useful than Norstrom, but whatever.

On to the 3rd!

Sarah (DANG¬†IT! The blog ate almost all of¬†what I wrote about the 3rd….and I’m not rewriting it, so sorry…)¬†


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Some Lightning News

According to Erik Erlendsson’s blog, Smitty will be getting the start tonight against the Wild and Jussi will be playing wing on the top line with St. Louis and Lecavalier. They’re not sure where Halpern will be on the lines tonight. I’m glad Smitty and Jussi are getting these opportunities on the new team, but I do feel bad for Halpern. I don’t think he was included in the trade for any reason except to move some salary. I wish him the best of luck finding another really nice hotel to live in and all. They should try him out on the PK since he did so well in Dallas with Ott.

I haven’t been able to find a press conference for the new Tampa guys (which still really hurts to say, by the way).¬† We really are spoiled with how many quality news sources we have for the Stars. I know Tampa is a small market team, but Dallas isn’t the typical hockey hotbed either.

Halpern has an assist on the first Tampa goal. Man, I really wish I had Center Ice online. I’ll definitely be getting that next year. He also had the 2nd goal for the Lightning and ended up being the 1st star of the game. I hope this continues for him…


The final score: Tampa loses 3-2, Halpern gets #1 star for his assist and a goal.¬†The funny thing is, in Dallas, this would be¬†just a normal day¬†at the office for Halpy. Hopefully he will continue to¬†succeed there. Jussi had a decent game playing¬†on the top line with Lecavalier and St. Louis, but that wasn’t too fruitful tonight.¬†¬†Word is, the Tampa D-men really screwed this one up for Smitty; they apparently didn’t know how to handle him handling the puck.


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The pregame show is making me sad… stop showing replays of Smitty already! Hopefully the Stars can win tonight. They all have to be feeling a little weird after the events this morning.

Nisky has a bruised foot and Grossman is out? Gee, I guess that means my two favorite defensemen will be getting more minutes tonight. Jancevski has been called up to fill in the holes of our teeny tiny defense corps.

Most importantly, Boo and Stu are both back tonight.

Well someone scored for St. Louis while Eriksson was in the box because St. Louis players have wimpy sticks. I’m still tired of them talking about how great the trade is.

Annd Mike Modano missed a completely empty net. Good job buddy ūüôā Apparently the puck was tipped… less fault to him since we won anyway.


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Smitty…Jeffy….and Jussi….

Gone to Tampa Bay for that over-paid bum, Brad Richards…

I suppose I can see why Smitty’s gone, but Halpy and Jussi, too? That’s just stupid stupid stupid stupid.

I’m so pissed I can’t think of anything to say…


Edit: Okay, so it’s not the worst thing in the world as long as he doesn’t work out like Turgeon or the like….but I’m still not too terribly thrilled.

Here’s what Hull has to say. Is it bad that I want to punch him in the face when they say¬†he’s all smiles?

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Look for updates all day. I’ll be updating in the morning and Sarah will be taking over early afternoon.

1:30 am – After reading this very depressing article¬†I’m going to bed. Just a little more than 12 hours until all is said and done. Hulljack – please don’t make this trade. I will hate both of you for a very very long time.

8:16 am – Phew, no news about the possible trade from overnight. I don’t think I’d let myself sleep again if it happened while I was blissfully sleeping away. Not much happened overnight. The signing of Mike Comrie¬†definitely takes him off the market, but there weren’t many rumors about him so I don’t think this signing is disappointing anyone.

It amuses me that, if Hossa gets traded to the Habs, he’ll be playing against Atlanta tonight.¬† I don’t think I’d be so keen on facing my former team (of about¬†5 hours ago).

10:12 am – Still no news about our Stars. There are rumors that Columbus is trying to beef up their offer for Richards… Good luck guys! Please offer more than what¬†we’re offering. I’m not ready for our tree-like goalie to leave yet.

Latest news: Leafs trade Belak to Panthers for a 5th round pick in 2008. It’s really not overly exciting. The Leafs are out one enforcer, but that’s what they have Darcy Tucker for, right?


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This can be the best and worst time of the year for hockey fans. Sometimes the trade deadline is great when you manage to get a guy who really completes your team without much in return. If you’re a fan of a team out of the playoffs, it’s a sad time to see the big names on your team leave to clear up cap space for next season. I’m not a fan of teams selling everyone before the season is over. Maybe I’m just sentimental that way (or maybe cruel), but I like to see teams stick it out until the end of the season.

¬†And if you’re a Stars fan… well this year isn’t fun. I’d love to wake up tomorrow and hear that Norstrom and Daley have been traded to Atlanta for Marian Hossa, but I don’t see that one happening. I certainly don’t want to to see Smitty leave the team. He’s way too valuable as a backup for the Stars to get rid of him. We no longer have the plethora of goalies waiting in the wings to take the backup position. I guess that’s another thing to thank my favorite ex-GM for. He let all of those goalies go, and we got basically¬†nothing for any of them. Plus, if Marty were to get hurt at the end of the regular season or the playoffs (please please please don’t happen), I think the team is confident Smitty could lead them in the playoffs. I don’t see Stephan or any other goalie we could get¬†being able to do this.

The newest rumor on Heika’s blog is that Jussi will be included in the trade to Tampa along with Smitty. This can’t be true… we sing part of the national anthem just for him! Brett Hull is going to go wayy down on my list of liked hockey players if this actually happens.

I’ll be in class until 2 tomorrow, so I’ll miss out on all the last-minute deadline deals. I hope my profs don’t mind me checking my phone for the latest NHL updates on Heika’s blog and TSN every minute or so.

Other news: David Legwand, a member of the classiest (trashiest?) team in the NHL got charged for a DUI earlier this week and should appear in court soon.

Thanks to all for the views and comments today. Hopefully you’ll stick around ūüôā

<subliminal message>HullJack, sign Happy Finn NOW</subliminal message>


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