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Hockey Superstitions

Part of the credit for this blog goes to Adam since his comment gave me the idea of doing this.

I think all Stars fans (and fans of other teams) have superstitions about what to wear, eat, etc when the Stars play. I know I have plenty of weird superstitions, and they get even stranger once the playoffs start.

I wear the same thing when I attend games. The only part of my ensemble that changes is the jersey I wear. I hate to assign jerseys as being good luck or bad luck. Hey, they cost $300, I’m not going to stop wearing one because the Stars lose a game! Then jeans and shoes I wear are only worn to Stars games. I wear the same underwear too.. but I won’t go into that.

Pre-game meals are also a big deal. We always eat somewhere in the West End before games. Spiatza’s is my favorite, and the Stars seem to win most of the times we eat there. Some restaurants get black-listed though. The first was Tony Roma’s. The first time we ate there before a game, the Stars lost. The second time we ate there was the night Salei hit Modano and we got to watch him hauled off the ice on a stretcher. We never ate there again before a game, and now they’re out of business.

Last season, Sarah and I tried Gator’s for the first time on a Sunday afternoon. The food was pretty good, but the Stars ended up playing terribly and they lost 4-0 to San Jose. Gator’s was put on “probation” for this season. I’ll try going back again next season, but if the Stars play terribly or someone gets hurt, it’s done.

It gets more important during the playoffs. For Game 1, I pick a Stars shirt and wear it the day of the game. If they lose the game, I put that shirt away for the playoffs and move onto another one. If they win, I wear it again for the next game. This continues until the Stars get out of the playoffs or I run out of shirts. I haven’t run out of shirts yet. When we play series against west coast teams, I take a pregame nap and prepare to sit down in front of the TV with Sarah on the phone an hour before the game starts.

At home, my dad and I each have a conch shell that we blow when the Stars score a goal. I’m sure we’ve woken neighbors up several times during late night playoff games. If I ever get to sit with the Havoc Fanatics, I hope to be the first person to have a conch shell in the section.

Oh, and I never wear red during the playoffs. Actually, looking around my rooms (here and at home) I realize that I don’t really own any red things.

So let me know, what are your weird superstitions or traditions for Stars games?



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How come I never pick the good games to do a live blog for? I remember wanting to hurt myself while blogging for the Kings game last weekend.

We look good with 3 minutes left in the 2nd. Up 5-1 with goals from Robi, Barnes, Brenden, and a pair from Eriksson. Marty is playing well (I think the Kings have about 7 shots) but I would have liked to see Holmqvist get the start this afternoon.

Folks, we have a 3rd period goal! Lehtinen scores on a gorgeous breakaway. Now hopefully we can keep up a 5 goal lead.

Do the Kings not have fans? I know it’s near the end of the season and they have no hopes of making the playoffs… but there’s no one there.


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This makes my night just a little bit better ­čÖé I am so happy that Ralph and Razor (and everyone else) can quit saying that Jarome┬áIginla was the last player the Stars drafted to score 30 goals.

Recap to come sometime after the game. Well nevermind about that. There’s nothing new to recap. Stars go into the 3rd period with the lead. Stars don’t score in 3rd period. Stars take stupid penalties. Stars lose.┬áRinse and repeat.

The question is – can we get 5 points in the next 5 games to secure a playoff spot? Should we even make the playoffs?

I hope we see Holmqvist on Saturday.


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It’s been one month since the trade. You guys know I was really against messing with the chemistry of this team to get a player who might make things better in the playoffs. When the trade happened, several people told me that I would come to love the trade, that the guys we gave up weren’t really necessary, that everything would be okay, etc.

It may not be fair to judge this trade as a failure one month into it, but if Richards had been the offensive machine everyone said he was, the verdict after one month would be that the trade was an excellent idea.

Since giving up Smitty, Jeffy, and Jussi we have won 3 games. Since getting Richards we have won 2.
The last time we scored a 3rd period goal was March 1st.
After Richards’ first game with 5 assists, he only has 4 points.

One month later, I am still upset. I still don’t completely understand why Brett and Les thought we needed Richards in the first place. The goal was to get a winger to play with Mike Modano, not get another center who seems incapable of playing wing with Modano. The line of Brenden-Modano-Richards played okay hockey together, but splitting up Morrow and Ribeiro is stupid with the way they’ve been playing all year long. Brett said Richards could “win the first round for us”, but now I’m worried as to whether or not we will actually make the playoffs. And Richards isn’t doing anything to help that effort.


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Here you are guys. The pictures are all after the jump since there are a lot of them. All of them are now up. I noticed we got several views before they were all up, so go look again ­čÖé I got stuck uploading pictures while I was reading about Piaget’s stages of development for the millionth time, helping my roommate find a bank, and eating dinner… but they’re all good now.

Practice was great. It was really good to see Boo skating again. Plus Steve Ott really liked his sign ­čÖé I just wish Hagman and Brenden had come out… I wanted my hugs! (more…)

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Got a little bit of a late start today, so I’m joining in the 2nd period.

17:23 – Eriksson has a nice shot, but doesn’t score. Eriksson was gorgeous on Thursday. He and Lundy came out at the same time after practice and I thought┬áI was going to hyperventilate.

15:45 – Richards loses the puck again. Apparently he’s at 499 points. It may be a while until he hits 500.

The Guppies beat the Ducks last night… There’s no way we can catch them.

15:20 – Marty makes a save on Brown’s shot… and then stares behind him to make sure he got it. That makes me nervous.

15:08 – NO TOUCHY ERIKSSON! I’m so glad Ott is back so he can defend people now. Eriksson gets a goalie interference penalty for a play that looked just like what Bertuzzi did to Marty the other night (without a penalty).

14:12 – Blake scores on the rebound so it’s tied 1-1. The Stars really need to work on their penalty kill.

I keep hearing the name Armstrong and it reminds me of Doug. Then I wish that Robi would hit him really┬áhard…


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Finally, an Update!

Sorry for the lack of updates, guys. I thought I’d have more time to update since I’m home for break, but I’ve been too busy going to Dallas and playing Smash Bros to think of doing much else.

Sarah and I went to the Ducks game on Wednesday. I thought the Stars played really well even though they lost. The refs played way too big of a part in that game, but the Stars special teams weren’t enough to take away the advantage the refs gave Anaheim.

Myra, it was great meeting you and your daughter Wednesday night. Thanks again for reading our blog! I didn’t think of this until we had gone down to the ice for the pregame skate, but your daughter would have been more than welcome to come down with us and help hold the signs. Maybe next season!

We also went to the practice in Frisco Thursday afternoon. Pictures will be coming soon. We got an awesome picture with Ralphie and our “We Love Ralph and Razor” sign. I was a bit disappointed that Brenden and Hagman didn’t come out to sign autographs. I really wanted some pictures with them. Oh well, maybe next time.

The trip was fun, but our Stars really aren’t looking that great. I think the division title is out of our reach with the way we’ve been playing since the trade. Richards looked terrible against the Ducks. The best quote of the night went to my mom when she asked if Richards couldn’t handle the puck because he was from the Eastern Conference.

I’ll be home for the game tomorrow night (Yay Center Ice!) so I’ll try to do a live blog during the game.


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