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The Stars have signed Otter to a 2-year contract today. I haven’t seen anything on the Stars site yet, but this was on TSN.

I’m glad to have him around for another two seasons. Hopefully they can get something worked out with Hagman ASAP.





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Thanks to the lovely station that is Versus, I didn’t get to see game 1 and since I don’t have Center Ice I didn’t get to see game 2….so, my views about the first two games are pretty much limited to what I could see on replays. Let’s give this a shot…

We’re up 2-0 in the series (again)! I am happy with this result, obviously, but I’m not quite satisfied with the performances the Stars have been putting out. “WHAT?!?!” you say? I’m not happy we won an OT game and blasted the Sharks out of the water last night? No, I’m just saying that I don’t want the team to just limp into games and manage to scrape out a win. Please, for the love of everything that is hockey, play from the first face-off! That’s all I really want. I think many fans would love to see the Stars close out the series at home on Wednesday, and that is very possible if the guys do come out to play the way they can. I’ve heard musings on the Stars lulling the Sharks to sleep and then dominating the 3rd period (and OT), but I’m not so sure that was the game plan.

Let’s take a look at a few keys in the series so far:


The Artful: Marty’s play has been great so far this series; he’s kept his eye on the puck and made many of what Razor would call his “cerebral” saves. Smarty Marty, indeed! Nabakov has been great as well; he certainly isn’t out of this series and no one should count him out because of a game of crappy play.

The Asinine: Jonathan Cheechoo, I HATE you. Yes, you. You and your predilection for sitting on Marty in the net is just not cool. He doesn’t need a lap dance, Mr. Cheechoo. Goaltender Interference, anyone?


The Artful: The center trio for the Stars has performed admirably in the past two games, netting 6 points just in game 2 alone. Ribsy, Mo, and Richards have been a force on three strict lines, but now that one or more of the guys will be double-shifting while we play with 7 D-men, a whole new set of opportunities may arise. And as always, our lovely Captain has been his usual self. If you need me to explain that one, you must live on Mars.

The Asinine: There’s not much to say except, WAKE UP BEFORE THE 3rd PERIOD!


The Artful: Ahh, wasn’t it nice seeing the DMN Stars Blogtell us Zubie was in right before the game last night? I almost threw my laptop on the ground when I jumped up in surprise/happiness at the news. And that spin-o-rama no look pass to Mo. Simply beautiful. The d has played well this series, but I’d like to see more.

The Asinine:Daley, Daley….don’t crap out on us! Against the quackers, Daley used his speed and his brain to great avail….but this series, no dice. Daley had multiple defensive brain farts in game 2, one of which ended up in the net behind Marty. Nisky still isn’t up to his potential, but at least he’s been invisible rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. Is this a sign of an upturn in his play? I hope so; he can do so much better.


Everything so far has been pretty neutral. The PK’s of both sides have triumphed and faltered, not much news there. Here’s hoping PK and PP for the Stars drifts towards the artful category in games 3 and 4.


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Go Stars!


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I’m not gonna lie. A lot times, I think the Stars get screwed out of a lot of the recognition they deserve. They’re in Dallas, and I realize that’s not a “hockey hotbed” in the eyes of most everyone else in the league. We rarely get mentioned in a positive light on Versus, NBC, nhl.com, etc. I’m okay with “analysts” not picking the Stars to advance in the playoffs. Hell, how many people picked the Stars to win in 1999? I don’t remember it being very many. I don’t care if they pick us to win or not, but they deserve more respect.

Yes, we eliminated the defending Stanley Cup Champions. I still don’t believe the Ducks are on the Cup, but I guess I’ll prove it to myself next time I get some one-on-one time with the Cup in the Hall of Fame (AMAZING trip by the way… every hockey fan should go to the HHOF at least once).  Most of the talk on the Internet and TV is more about the Ducks losing than the Stars winning. It doesn’t seem much of a surprise with the way defending champs have been performing in the past 5 years or so. Yet, almost every article not on a Stars-related site speaks more of the Ducks losing than the Stars winning.

What makes me the most upset is this article I read on the NHL’s website while perusing the upcoming series. It’s a preview for the upcoming Avs vs. Wings series. I wanted to see this series because those two teams have such a great rivalry with each other. A rivalry that wasn’t manufactured by league making teams play each other 8 times a season.

I made it to the second paragraph before I got angry and quit reading.

From 1996 to 2002, the Colorado Avalanche and the Detroit Red Wings ruled the Western Conference. As a result, they met an astounding five times in the playoffs during that stretch. Colorado won three of those five series and took 17 of the 30 games.

No, the Avs and Red Wings did not “rule the Western Conference” from 1996-2002. Yes, they played many series against each other and the rivalry was amazing. But do not write that sentence and neglect to include the Stars.

They neglect to mention that, in 2 of the 3 series Colorado won, they went right on to lose to the Stars in the conference final. For two seasons, the Stars (not the Red Wings or Avs) were the West’s representative in the Finals. They also forget to mention that the Stars, not the Avalanche or Red Wings, won the President’s Trophy 2 of those years.

The Stars will never be the babies of the NHL (hello Pittsburgh, Anaheim, etc), and I’m fine with that. At least give them the respect they deserve. Detroit, Colorado, AND Dallas didn’t just dominate the Western Conference those years – they dominated the league.

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It really just hurt me to type “Nashville” over “Trashville” up there.

I am usually not into bashing other teams, but the Predators are one of my few exceptions in the league (Detroit being the other usually). A friend pointed out this article to me, and while it is mean to the Predators, I feel as if they deserve it. The article just neglects to mention one thing – it was the stupidity of Trashville’s players that led to Arnott missing the end of the series.

Enough about that. For once, I’m hoping it takes the Stars longer than 4 or 5 games to finish this series…. I’ll be [most likely] headed to Game 6 next Sunday!!


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It’s official, we’ll be playing San Jose since they beat Calgary tonight.

Friday, April 25, 2008 9 p.m. Dallas at San Jose VERSUS
Sunday, April 27, 2008 8 p.m. Dallas at San Jose VERSUS
Tuesday, April 29, 2008 6:30 p.m. San Jose at Dallas
Wednesday, April 30, 2008 8 p.m. San Jose at Dallas VERSUS
*Friday, May 2, 2008 9 p.m. Dallas at San Jose VERSUS
*Sunday, May 4, 2008 8 p.m. San Jose at Dallas VERSUS
*Tuesday May 6, 2008 9 p.m. Dallas at San Jose

Colorado is playing Detroit
Habs are playing Philly
Pittsburgh is playing the Rangers



Amy Braid

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Yeah, we feel the same way, Daley! Whether or not the sky was clear in Dallas last night, the Stars were shining last night!

I believed we could do it, but I’m still in shock! It’s an AMAZING feeling knowing we at least beat the Quackers and we’re alive to play another series!

But seriously, about that next series…If the guys play the way they did in the 3rd last night, we are going to be playing well into the WCF (I hope) and more. If this is our February Stars coming back to life, I think we may just be pleasantly suprised about the outcomes to come.

The problems as I see it:

There are only a few things I have seen that were troublesome in this series. Matt Niskanen, while he is certainly one of my favorite young guys on the team, his play was lacking at best through the series. The old “give him time, he’s just a rookie” excuse doesn’t work when Grossman and Fistric were dominating their shifts. I expect he will be better in the next series, but I still worry. Another concern I have is the same one I always have for the guys: can they keep the momentum going through a whole series? I hate seeing those meltdown moments like games 3 and 5 and I don’t expect anyone cheering for the Stars does either. Those horribly inopportune fizzle-out moments cannot happen anymore…it’ll be the end of the run for the guys if it does.

All the bad stuff aside, the guys’ “lock it down” motto and pack playing worked wonders! Norstrom was phenomenal in the series and every bit the veteran player he has needed to be! The depth in all of the lines was the key to this series win; there wasn’t a line that failed contribute! I was even impressed by Richards….that is, when he didn’t fall down and cough up the puck. Someone get that boy some better skates! But all in all, I was pleased with Richards’ contributions to the series.

My 3 Stars of the Series:

3. Marty Turco – It was said that Marty HAD to be the best player on the team or the Stars would fall out early in the series. His first two games were stellar and not a speck less than what most people expected from him. His play was also shaky in the 2 losses to the Quackers, but had he not been in goal, the score might have been 7+ against the Stars in those 2 games.

2. Brenden Morrow – His addition point-wise was not the only major contribution our Captain brought to the ice, as usual. His grit and passion kept the Stars alive in the weakest points of the series. Also, his absence in those 10 minutes he missed with a misconduct showed just how much the team needed him to keep the fire going.

1. Stephane Robidas – Need I really explain this one? Robi may not have had the most points in the series, but he certainly earned all 6 points and the place as the hardest working player in the series. He started the series and ended the series scoring for the Stars. He played team high minutes out on the ice. He took a puck in the face and broke his nose, yet came back to play minutes later. Robi is the epitome of heart and soul on this team along with Brenden Morrow. With underrated players like him, we may suprise many people.




Ohh and a side-note here:

I ordered a Robi jersey last night! Quite an impressive feat for me since I have problems buying anything that doesn’t have a 35 on it! 🙂

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