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Heh. That’s all.


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I was talking hockey with my parents tonight, and I realized that the Stars are short one alternate captain with Stu retiring. Immediately I thought that Robi would be the perfect player to get the “A” Stu had last year.

I haven’t heard any announcement yet about who will be wearing it this year, but no one on the team deserves it more than Robi. He’s on the ice for a lot of time each game, so he’s always visible and able to talk to the refs and he is a great, hard-working player who deserves the honor of being an alternate captain. I also don’t think that anyone else on the team would appreciate wearing one of the “A”s more than Robi would. We all know how selfless and grateful he is, and I know he would be so happy and honored to get it.

So there’s my pitch, Dave Tippett. Give Robi the “A”!!!


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So it looks like Zubie will be out for at least 4 weeks from an arthroscopic procedure on his hip….


Boucher is day-to-day with a sore foot….

Isn’t that just peachy…



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Baby Stars Win!!!

The Baby Stars won the Traverse City tournament tonight, beating Atlanta 8-3. Before this game, Atlanta had allowed the fewest goals in the tournament and the Stars had scored the most. I’m sure the Stars still have that title, but I think Atlanta might have lost theirs :p

James Neal ended up getting the most points in the tournament (9) with a goal and two assists tonight and Jamie Benn got the most goals (5).

I know Tippett has said that winning this tournament wasn’t important, but I’m sure it feels pretty damn important to those guys out there now!

Congrats to the Baby Stars, and hopefully we can start and end hockey season with a championship (just a different one come June!)


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The Training Camp Dilemma

I have a slight dilemma this weekend. This is essentially my last free weekend at school – I have no tests, papers, or projects due next week so I have no homework over the weekend except for the usual reading and German assignments. Every week after this, I have tests, papers, projects, or a combination of all of the above.

The Stars are skating from 10-1:30 Saturday for the second day of training camp, and I REALLY want to go. It’s been so long since I’ve seen any new hockey and I’m desperate to watch some hockey. It’s even more tempting since I don’t have any pressing things to do over the weekend.

The only problem is that it’s going to take me a good 5 hours to drive to Frisco from San Antonio and then another 5 hours back. That’s a whole lot of driving for one day, but I think it might be worth it to see the Stars. I’d also be going alone, unless Sarah could meet me down there. I don’t have any issues going alone, but it’s always more fun to have a friend.

So someone convince me one way or another.


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The Baby Stars will be playing in the championship game tomorrow night against Atlanta. They’ve won all 3 of their games so far, even though they’ve trailed every game going into the 3rd period.

James Neal has played really well along with Fabian Brunnstrom (after the first game), Michael Neal, and others. I wish I had the NHL Network at school so I could watch the games. I’ve been reading Heika’s blog like crazy and trying to soak up all the information my parents give me while watching the games.

I know Tippett says winning this tournament isn’t overly important, but it sure would be great for the Baby Stars to win 🙂


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Today was Stars Day on TSN. They’re doing a cool little series covering all 30 teams in 30 days, and today they reviewed the Stars. I’m always somewhat disappointed in these because I expect some sort of groundbreaking observation, and that rarely happens.

First off, it was nice to see that great picture of Brenden and Marty at the Rangers game on TSN’s homepage. I actually did a doubletake because I wasn’t sure why the Stars would be on the first page.

It’s nice to see them finally getting some recognition as being a top team in the West again. Although I remember often being left out of those “best in the West” conversations in the late 1990s so go figure. They mention that the Stars are right at the salary cap. That’s okay, unless the team we have doesn’t mesh too well together. Then it’d be an issue trying to get someone else, especially since Sean Avery has a no-trade clause.

I still don’t like signing Sean Avery. I wish we would have kept Hagman. He costs less money, and he will score more goals. Plus, he’s not an idiot!

And with Hagman, I am SO tired of Hulljack, Heika, etc saying that Hagman’s season last year was just a fluke and that he’ll never score that many goals again. I really hope he scores more goals this year than he did last year… then all the people in Dallas who wanted to let him go can regret it and wonder why the hell they signed Avery. I realize that’s spiteful, but I miss my favorite Finn!


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