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Sorry for the complete lack of updates for the past month or so. I always think that I’ll write more when I go home for breaks, but I end up spending virtually no time on the computer so updating doesn’t get done.

The truth is, I haven’t been in much of a Stars-blogging mood for the past 6 weeks or so (mostly since Nov 21). It’s frustrating that this team doesn’t play well consistently because they’re not put together well enough to make a team that plays well together. I’m still sad about Brenden getting hurt, and I didn’t think everyone wanted to read blogs about how much I want Brenden to come back, how much I miss him, and how the team doesn’t seem the same without him. But enough about that. I vow to get on here more often and update semi-regularly… hopefully.

It’s going to be weird to see the Lightning tonight. I’ll admit – I still miss Smitty a lot too (Jeez, can I just move on already?). I think the team would be so much better off if they had kept both goalies and let them fight for the starting spot this season. If we paired our offense with Smitty’s numbers then I think we could be fighting San Jose/Detroit/Boston for the NHL lead.

I think I’ll end this entry with a few pics from Stars over the break.

Richie getting ready to fly in the shootout against Columbus

Celebrating after beating Columbus in the shootout

I got really excited every time Rick Nash skated by us. I really think he’s the most talented player in the NHL. It was great to finally see him in person. Plus, he scored, which was okay with me. The other Columbus guys just weren’t allowed to score though.

Sarah and me before the Ducks game. I didn’t bring my camera to this one, and I don’t think Sarah got any pictures from the actual game.

Stars skating off the ice after beating Detroit 1/12

I have to thank one of the parents at the school my boyfriend teaches at for the amazing seats for the Columbus and Detroit games. I don’t think he reads this, but just in case.. Thank you so much Brent!



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