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Apparently Eddie has been working out over this past season (his first away from the NHL) and has asked his agent to start contacting teams to see if anyone is interested in signing him next season.

I’m sure Eddie is fit enough to play, but he’s had back problems throughout his career and I’m not sure how well his back is doing at 44. But Eddie is and always will be my favorite goalie so I’d welcome him back to Dallas with open arms 🙂 I don’t think coming back to Dallas is in the cards for Eddie, but I like to think that some team would have an interest in taking him.

I’m sure Sarah (and many others) would worry about Marty’s well-being if Eddie came back because of what he’s willing to do to get a starting job.



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After not hearing anything about development camp this summer, I decided to ask Heika when it would be this summer. He replied, saying that as a “cost-cutting measure” the Stars wouldn’t be having a development camp this summer and would instead have a brief meeting with the prospects before the Traverse City tournament.

I think this is a stupid and classless move by the Stars to save a few bucks. Yes, the team has to pay for getting all the prospects to Dallas and pay for their hotel and food costs while they’re in town. But instead of viewing development camp as an added expense for the Stars organization, I see it as an investment in the future of our team.

Most of these guys who have been drafted have never been to Dallas, and have definitely never gotten to spend time with the coaching staff and various players for the Stars. It’s a great opportunity for the young players to see where they may be playing one day. It makes them feel as if they are part of the organization, and not just a member of the Stars who plays in Europe all year and never actually sees Dallas. I’m sure it was also great for all the prospects to meet Brenden and other team members.

As a fan, it was a great experience to go to development camp last summer. I had heard of some of our prospects, such as James Neal, Jamie Benn, and Austin Smith, but I had never seen any of them in person. It was great to see the young guys scrimmaging and doing drills while getting to spend a little time with other hockey friends. Getting to see some hockey in the middle of the summer was more than worth the road trip Sarah and I took to Dallas to see the guys. I only wish we could have stayed for more than one day. After seeing the players at development camp, I followed our prospects more last season than I have ever had. I watched several of Jamie Benn’s games online and fell in love with his personality and style of play. I’ll be the first person to get a Jamie Benn jersey once he makes the team in Dallas. I know I wouldn’t have been nearly as interested in him if I hadn’t watching him play at development camp last year.

One of the reasons why players like coming to Dallas is because of how classy the organization is. How classy is it that they can’t spend the money to bring these young guys to Dallas and let the fans get a glimpse of the future of the team?


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GM Joey made his first big move today by firing head coach Dave Tippett. I’m really happy with this move because I have never been happy with Tippett as coach of this team. He never had the guts to do what was really needed to motivate the team to play better.

This move kind of comes as a shock, but Joey met with the coaching staff for the first time earlier this week, and I have to think that Tippett was not all for whatever Joey wants to do with the team. Hicks said previously that he would never fire a coach because he believed it to be the GM’s job, so it must be Joey’s doing.

Maybe this opens the door for Mike Keenan (the Stars need someone to kick their asses) or Guy (the captain/father-in-law thing may be a bit much though) to come in and coach. I just hope that Stu stays as one of the assistants.

In Joey we trust. I believe he knows what he’s doing. And he didn’t trade my mom’s favorite player away the first chance he got, so he’s already gained more points than Armstrong or Hulljack.

As a closeted (sometimes not so closeted) Dave Tippett disliker, this news makes me :):)


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