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The regular season is over, and the playoffs are starting Wednesday. Even though the Stars aren’t in the playoffs this year, there are still PLENTY of good series to watch this spring. NHL.com has a nice and funny article about how the playoffs are different from the regular season. The playoffs are by far my favorite part of the year, most because everyone stands and cheers at the games. I can’t stand the people who just sit in their seats and never do anything exciting.

I decided a few weeks ago that I’d be rooting for the Blue Jackets, Red Wings, Habs, and Capitals, so I will be highlighting most of their games… probably with a few other series thrown in as well. Sadly, the Wings and Jackets are playing each other in the first round, so my group will be down to 3 (at the most) at the end of the first round.

The Habs barely squeaked into the playoffs with their midseason collapse, and they’ll be playing the Bruins. Montreal played Boston in the 1st round last year, but the Habs were the 1st seed while the Bruins finished 8th. It was a pretty good 7 game series. Montreal has owned Boston in the playoffs for well.. forever.

The Jackets gave up the 6th spot to St. Louis so they ended up with the Red Wings as a 1st round opponent. The season series was 3-3, so the Jackets were at least able to play them competitively in the first 82 games. The Wings are the defending Cup champs, and defending champions haven’t been able to get anywhere near close to repeating since the lockout. I don’t know who I want to win this series.

There are a few other interesting series, the most notable in my mind being the matchup of “teams that lost to the Stars last year in the playoffs”. I can’t really say I want either Anaheim or San Jose to win. Maybe the ice will melt and they’ll call it a draw.

That’s it for now. I have to go do a bunch of that homework stuff. Ew



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