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Some more news: Tippett has announced that Stephan will start in goal tonight and Chris Conner has been recalled from the AHL since they placed Lundy on reserve. Yay Booger!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Tonight the Stars take on the Blackhawks in a rematch from last Halloween. Last year, Smitty was in net for the Stars and we lost 5-4. The first few games we played against Chicago were weird.. I remember referring to them as the twilight zone games. Of course, the BEST moment from the Halloween game last year was Brenden Morrow hammering Seabrook right in front of the net. I hope to see a replay of that tonight 🙂

The Dallas Morning News says that Brenden lost a tooth Wednesday night (!) but he will be playing tonight. I don’t want Brenden to be toothless! Hopefully he will get that fixed up soon…

I hope we see Stephan in goal tonight. He should be rewarded for his good play Wednesday, and then Marty could start tomorrow night against Boston. I’d be really surprised to see the game goalie play both those games with the amount of travel between games. Although, knowing Tippett, he’ll probably have one goalie play both games.

As usual, Zubie, Lehtinen, and Lundy will be out tonight. The Stars won’t get Zubie back tomorrow night due to weird/stupid NHL rules. Apparently he has to be on LTIR for 24 days, and he can’t play until the 25th day. That means he’ll most likely be back for next Friday’s game against Anaheim. Talk about bad scheduling… no one wants to wait a week between games.

My pick to score tonight is Mike Modano because it’s been a few games since he’s scored, and he always seems to play well against the Blackhawks.

Hope everyone has a great Halloween topped off with a Stars victory tonight!



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Tonight’s game will be an interesting one. Mittens and the undefeated (in the first 3 periods anyway) Wild are coming to town tonight. They have turned into Helsinki South with Mittens leading the way along with Koivu and Backstrom. Yay Finns! Just don’t play well tonight… please

Heika says that Stephan will be getting the start tonight. I think this is a good move, but I’m a bit surprised that Tippett would actually start Stephan before Marty. He seems too afraid to do anything besides look grouchy behind the bench and randomly change lines around. It’s vital that Stephan gets some experience playing behind these guys in case Marty gets hurt or keeps playing badly. Maybe it was Moog’s influence at practice that got Stephan the start?

Otter should be back tonight. At least I hope so because if he’s not, we won’t have enough forwards and defensemen to dress for a full lineup. He did skate on a normal line at practice yesterday, so that’s a good sign that he’ll be back tonight. I hope Otter gets back to feeling great soon because we could really use his energy/pep/irritainment out on the ice.

Does Brad Richards still play for us? He’s never mentioned in the pregame show, never seems to do a whole lot on the ice.. I just looked, and he has 6 points but I can’t remember where any of those came from. Must be assists from the night Brunnstrom got his hat trick. Anyway, Richards has been pretty quiet so far this season. It’d be great to see our $8 million dollar man get into the action tonight. That’s why he’s my pick to score tonight… I have to remind myself that he’s on the team.

Tippett has pulled one of his favorite coaching “moves” again. Brunnstrom is leading the team in goals, so he’s rewarded for that by being placed on the 4th line. Tippett did the same thing to Hagman at the beginning of last season, and I have yet to find a good reason for him doing something like that.

Let’s hope the Stars can pull out a victory tonight. Maybe they will be motivated to play a little better out in front of Stephan since they let him down terribly the last time he got the start in goal.


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The Stars play their second game of their 3 game roadtrip tonight against the New Jersey Devils. We’re coming off a great win against the Rangers Monday night. For the first time this season, I felt like the Stars were actually playing the game they hope to bring to the ice every night. Hopefully they can keep that going again tonight.

I’m sure Marty will get the start in goal tonight. After letting in the first shot Monday night (how many times does that happen?), he was really solid in net. Modano had a great game Monday – it is so nice to see him skating at jersey-flapping levels with Neal and Crombeen.

Heika says that Petersen is back with the team today, but that he will most likely not play. His wife gave birth to their second son, Elliot Jasper, yesterday. That is so MUCH better than Finley Vincent… Scratch Avery please?

Everyone is talking about Sean Avery’s return to the east coast, and I really don’t want this blog to turn into the Sean Avery Circus as almost every Stars site has turned into. If anything, he needs to come up with better insults than calling a goalie “Fatso” or Laraque a “donkey”. The 10 year olds at the camp I worked at came up with better insults than that.

My pick to score tonight is Loui Eriksson. That little Swede said that he really likes road games, so I’m hoping he’ll get a goal in this one.


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Our Lundy (right) was the victorious Lundy against the Rangers tonight.

The Stars are in New York for the week for their NYC roadtrip. Tonight we’re in MSG against the Rangers, Wednesday we play New Jersey, and Thursday we wrap up the trip against the Islanders. I really hope we get 4 points out of this roadtrip. The Stars desperately need to start playing better and get some points. I think they have a better chance of turning things around on the road where they don’t have the distractions of things in Dallas.

I think the best matchup tonight is our Lundy versus Goalie Lundy. Goalie Lundy has played really well for the past couple seasons, and our Lundy is finally coming into his own in the league. Hopefully we will get some Swede on Swede scoring action!

Otter will be in the lineup again tonight. Petersen was the odd man out Saturday afternoon against the Avs, and I don’t know who they’re planning on sitting out tonight. I hope it will be Avery, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Maybe he can get lost in Manhattan looking for some great kitten heels.

I thought Lehtinen was close to coming back, but he didn’t make the trip so his groin injury must be more serious than the team is letting on.

My pick to score (I had it last game… stupid refs) is Loui Eriksson. He says he loves playing on the road and he’s played well so far this season, so hopefully he can get a goal tonight.

Update: Chelsea from Stop Hitting Robidas told me that Petersen left New York to go back to Dallas to be with his wife for the birth of their child. Congrats to the new little Petersen! It looks like no one will need to be scratched for Ott to be in the lineup tonight.


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Well the Stars get another chance at a victory this afternoon. Either that, or it will just be another 2.5 hours of humiliation.

According to Heika’s blog, the Stars had a pretty rough practice yesterday. He said Tippett was upset, but I don’t know how he could tell because Tippett looks the same no matter if the Stars are winning or losing. It looks like Brenden and Ribsy will be split up for this game. I know they haven’t played that well so far this season, but I really think it’s stupid to split them up. Tippett says he’s willing to give Marty a chance and let him play out of it, so he should let Brenden and Ribsy do the same. In all likelihood, they will end up back together in just a few games. Might as well let them work out their issues now.

It looks like we still won’t be getting Lehtinen back for the game. He skated some in practice, but he left early, so he most likely won’t be playing tonight. I do want to see him back, but I don’t think he’ll be as much of a miracle worker as most people seem to think. After all, he can’t play on all four lines, and he can’t suit up for Marty.

Otter skated in practice yesterday, and he’s listed as a game-time decision for this afternoon. From the lines Heika listed, it looked like either Neal or Petersen would be the healthy scratch if he comes back in. I think that’s another dumb move because both of them have been playing well (relatively speaking) the past few games. I’d really like to see them scratch Avery because the only time I’ve noticed him on the ice is when he’s made mistakes. He was pretty much invisible for the game on Thursday except when he WATCHED the Blues just pass the puck around him. They could bench him, and then Avery could sit up in the pressbox with his best buddy Brett Hull.

I really hope Marty plays better today. I know he will get over it because he goes through periods of play like this every season, but he needs to get over this one fast. I wouldn’t mind if they started Stephan and gave Marty a break. In the past, it seemed like the best way to help get Marty over these slumps was to let Smitty start a few games and then let Marty come back after that. We’ll see.

I have been terrible with my picks to score this season, but I’ll keep chugging along. Eventually I have to get one right. I think Brenden is going to score tonight. He needs to keep his (sexy) butt out of the penalty box and start pulling this team on his shoulders like he did for so much of last season. We’re not going to play better until our captain plays better, and today seems like a good day to start.

Sarah and I will be putting our outfits together during the game today and finishing up a few more signs for next weekend. I’ll post pictures as soon as we get them 🙂


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It’s hockey time again tonight!

The Stars are coming off a great victory last night, but you know they’re going to have to be pretty tired after flying into St. Louis after their 6-4 victory over Nashville yesterday. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Marty get the start tonight since he didn’t play so well last night and back-to-back games are usually the best time to let the backup see some ice time.

St. Louis has started the season significantly better than last year. Their power play is right at 50%, so hopefully the Stars won’t take a lot of penalties. I think the Stars penalty kill is going to take some time to gel with the absences of Stu and Jeffy playing center on the PK and Hagman with all of his shorties last year. Hopefully the goon of the night yesterday (Brenden) can keep himself out of the box.

For all you Otter loving fans, as of this morning, his start is still questionable. Apparently he did make the trip to St. Louis though, so that ups his chances of playing tonight. I don’t know who they will take out if Ott does play tonight though. Brunnstrom certainly won’t be the healthy scratch. I can hope that it’ll be Avery, but it’s probably more likely to be Barch.

My pick to score last night didn’t work out, but tonight I’m trying again and going with Mike Ribeiro. He hasn’t looked so great this season, and I think a goal tonight would really help him out.

And I don’t think Brunnstrom will be getting another hat trick tonight. I just hope he consistently gets points for us. As long as he’s a consistent producer, he’ll live up to his hype for me 🙂


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