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Wow, what a great game last night! For all the people who left before it was over – you missed out! Maybe you’ll listen to the Fanatics section next time before you leave 🙂

First period, in which the Stars dominate a tired Sharks team: The Stars played well, up until the last minute when Trevor Daley’s mental facilities collapsed and he allowed a weak rush from San Jose to lead to a goal. The Stars ended the period 2-1 with goals by Richie and TRD (a powerplay goal!). Nichol had the goal at the end of the period for the Sharks.

Second period, in which the Sharks get physical and the Stars fall apart: The 2-1 lead turns into a 3-2 deficit as some guy named Pavelski scores and Couture adds another. Jamie Benn wins his third fight of the year against Setoguchi, and Richie (?) starts something with Mitchell and they end up with 10-minute misconducts because the fight started before the puck was dropped. What this means: Richie doesn’t technically have a “fight” to his name, and it ruins his chances for the Lady Byng at the end of the season.

Third period, in which we sit dejected until the last 3 minutes: Marleau scores in the first half of the period to make it 4-2, and many fans leave the game. We warn them that they are going to miss the comeback and shootout victory for the Stars, but they give us dirty looks and rush to get out before traffic is too bad. But with the attendance this season, that’s a pretty poor excuse to leave because there aren’t enough people at the games to make traffic a hassle afterward. The Sharks score a 5th goal, but it’s disallowed because of a high stick and there’s a little life in the Fanatics section. We start cheering again and wonder if maybe the Stars can pull something out of this.

All of a sudden, something wakes the Stars up and TRD gets his second goal of the night with less than 3 minutes left. All 3000 of us who stayed are rejoicing, and… it’s actually pretty loud in there! 29 seconds later Ribs does it again for his FIRST GOAL OF THE SEASON! On the next faceoff, it looks like Ribs has scored again, we all have mini heart attacks, but then realize there was no goal.

Overtime, in which we win: The Stars are pumped for overtime and look like the hungrier team. Hey, the Sharks were playing their 3rd game in 4 nights and had the same epic collapse the night before against Colorado, so they had the right to look pretty sad out there. The Stars look good, we’re all cheering, and Ribs gets his second goal of the night about halfway through the overtime. Victory is sweet 🙂

Here is some super high quality video of the end of overtime and the goal celebration for Ribs. Not many of us stayed, but I was surprised at the volume level.



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I have never been a fan of Trashville…especially not after what Tootoo did to Robi and how the fans reacted to Mikey setting the scoring record. Every game we play against them I cringe just a little bit more than usual when someone scores against us. Needless to say, there was lots of cringing.

I’d like to say tonight was a heck of a success, but I’m sourly disappointed in a few people, namely Trevor Daley, Marty Turco, and Sean Avery. Yes, Daley has scored 2 goals this season so far, but he has also been directly responsible for at least 2 goals in front of Marty: the one tonight off his foot and in game one off the same dang foot! Marty, Marty, Marty….what are we going to do with you? It seems to me that Marty’s been off in la-la land lately. I just don’t get it; he’s late on so many stops! I don’t think we should be worried yet, obviously, but it’s not comforting that Marty’s been playing like this and that 0.79 save percentage is not making me feel any better. And the GREAT Sean Avery. I don’t deny he’s been okay, but being okay is not why he’s here. He’s suppose to be our “missing link” and fill out this team well. I’d rather have Hagman scoring shorties for us than someone who can’t even do his agitator job as well as Otter.

Fabian Brunnstrom!! Boy wonder #2 scores numbers 1, 2, and 3 of his NHL career! All three goals were quite beautiful, don’t you think? I am very glad this kiddo chose Dallas; not only is he going to be a great addition to the team, but he’s also such a sweetheart to watch being interviewed! He’s certainly more intelligent sounding than poor little Loui! (So far anyway.) Robi of course was Robi and played his heart out tonight. If I’m not mistaken, I believe he is the current point leader for the team. Mike Modano, you, sir, look like you’re still in your 20’s! I was very happy to see how light and fast Mo’s play was tonight. Very, very nice!

My three stars:

3. Robi – Just another night at the office for the man with the squished nose!

2. Mikey Mo – My goodness! He’s found the hockey fountain of youth!

1. Fabian Brunnstrom! Need I explain this one?



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ONE goal, and one very tired Amy!

Wow, words really can’t even come close to describing what it was like to be at the game Sunday night/Monday morning.

My parents and I got to the AAC around 6:15. I like to get there early – you will never see me walking in halfway through the first period. My mom and I went down to the ice for the pregame skate. She’s the alternate Sign Girl when Sarah isn’t there. We were on the jumbotron a few times and I flipped when Hagman just stared at me. It was some intense staring too 🙂

Before the 3rd period, a nice lady sitting a few seats down from me informed me that a bunch of the young guys were sitting 2 suites away from our seats… so I spent a good chunk of the 3rd period looking at Nisky, Connor, Barch, Neal, and Pushkarev wishing I could be in the suite next to them. I actually missed San Jose scoring their goal (so it definitely didn’t happen in my book) because I was taking pics of them. It was cute how Connor and Barch had their playoff beards going even though they haven’t been playing.

I wasn’t surprised that Mittens scored. He may not score a whole lot, but that was his 6th goal that he’s scored this season when I’ve been at a game! The Finns always seem to do well when I go… maybe they know my secret desire to get a mail-order Finnish husband!


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I’ll start off by saying that we are officially playing Anaheim in the first round of the playoffs with our victory against Phoenix tonight.

The Stars played well tonight, especially in the first two periods. I thought Holmqvist played well in his first full game with the Stars. I’m not used to a goalie stopping the puck that much; it seemed like the Stars were always taking faceoffs in their own end.

Niskanen and Robi each had a goal tonight. It’s always great to see either of them score, but it was especially good tonight after the news about Zubie this afternoon. Brenden also scored, and Mike Modano had an empty net goal at the end.

I just don’t like the way our team plays in the third period. We are going to have to change that before the playoffs start, because we won’t be able to play a weak period every single game.

I like our chances against Anaheim in the playoffs. As long as the Stars don’t implode, as they’ve done recently and in past playoffs, they should have a chance. Otter has been great all season with pissing off the Ducks, and that almost always proves costly for them. They take a lot of penalties and it’d be great for our power play to be able to take advantage of that. I also like that there’s some rivalry between the two teams. It’s not the artificial rivalry the league tries to manufacture by making teams play everyone in their division 8 times a season (thankfully that’s changing next year), but it’s a rivalry from the playoffs in 2003. I really hope they can beat the Ducks this time. As for home ice advantage, the Stars will start on the road unless we win out and Anaheim gets no more than 1 point.

Everyone should go out and eat duck sometime in the next two weeks!

In other playoff news, the Caps are in the playoffs as of tonight. They beat our boys in Tampa tonight to get into the 8th spot. I’m hoping they’ll get in because Ovechkin definitely deserves to be in the playoffs, and you can see how hard he’s working on the ice to get his team there.

Last note: I really enjoyed not seeing Richards out there tonight.


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How come I never pick the good games to do a live blog for? I remember wanting to hurt myself while blogging for the Kings game last weekend.

We look good with 3 minutes left in the 2nd. Up 5-1 with goals from Robi, Barnes, Brenden, and a pair from Eriksson. Marty is playing well (I think the Kings have about 7 shots) but I would have liked to see Holmqvist get the start this afternoon.

Folks, we have a 3rd period goal! Lehtinen scores on a gorgeous breakaway. Now hopefully we can keep up a 5 goal lead.

Do the Kings not have fans? I know it’s near the end of the season and they have no hopes of making the playoffs… but there’s no one there.


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