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Since this is the first game of the season I’m actually going to be able to watch, I’m going to try and do a liveblog of the game tonight. My homework situation is pretty manageable, and I go home tomorrow (yay!) so my night should be able to revolve around hockey.

My pick to score tonight is Phillippe Boucher. It’d be great to see him get another one of those amazing power play goals he was so good at two seasons ago. Plus the power play has been terrible the first two games; it could use a nice shock.

Jason Arnott probably won’t be playing tonight since he hurt his hand in their game Monday night against Chicago. I still really like Jason, but I’m glad he won’t be playing tonight.

And I’m always hopeful someone will take out Avery.

The liveblog is after the jump 🙂



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Got a little bit of a late start today, so I’m joining in the 2nd period.

17:23 – Eriksson has a nice shot, but doesn’t score. Eriksson was gorgeous on Thursday. He and Lundy came out at the same time after practice and I thought I was going to hyperventilate.

15:45 – Richards loses the puck again. Apparently he’s at 499 points. It may be a while until he hits 500.

The Guppies beat the Ducks last night… There’s no way we can catch them.

15:20 – Marty makes a save on Brown’s shot… and then stares behind him to make sure he got it. That makes me nervous.

15:08 – NO TOUCHY ERIKSSON! I’m so glad Ott is back so he can defend people now. Eriksson gets a goalie interference penalty for a play that looked just like what Bertuzzi did to Marty the other night (without a penalty).

14:12 – Blake scores on the rebound so it’s tied 1-1. The Stars really need to work on their penalty kill.

I keep hearing the name Armstrong and it reminds me of Doug. Then I wish that Robi would hit him really hard…


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They’re finally playing again! I don’t like this whole waiting 4 days between games thing. I’m glad that the Stars are finally getting a break from their crazy schedule, but I hate going without them for several days.

According to Heika, Richards (flu) and Ribsy (sore elbow) should be in tonight. Also, Nisky should finally be returning from his foot problem. I guess that means Fistric will be a scratch tonight. I really wish they’d scratch Norstrom (since he is the weakest defenseman on the team), but I don’t see that happening. What’s even sadder is that Grossman will probably go back down too when Zubie comes back. If it were me, I’d sit Norstrom and Daley and play with the 3 rookies, Boucher, Zubie, and Robi. I think those would be the best 6 defensemen we could stick out on the ice for the playoffs.

I imagine that Marty will get the start since we haven’t played in a few days and our next game isn’t until Saturday. Tippett could put Holmqvist in for one of the back-to-back Avs games this weekend. He needs to get at least one start before the playoffs.

In other games, the Ducks need to lose to the Blackhawks tonight and Ottawa needs to beat the Guppies. I’d really like a little more breathing room in the division. It seems like those two teams are always right behind us, no matter how well we play.

I have class from 6:30-9:45 tonight, so there won’t be many updates until near the end of the game unless Sarah signs on.


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Sorry for the late start tonight. I’m busy getting stuff ready for the weekend, but Sarah should be here to update during the 2nd intermission.

Stars look really good tonight. Some of this comes from the Hawks looking really bad tonight.

Goals scored by Hagman, Modano, Hagman, Eriksson, and Daley. 3 assists so far for Richards. That boy can pass…

I love how Hagman points at whoever passed him the puck when he scores. I love how Mike Modano can still skate through entire teams and come out with the puck. I love how I almost went into shock when Daley scored. Brenden’s had a lot of good chances tonight. Hopefully he can add another goal tonight.

They just showed Brenden leveling Seabrook in the game earlier in the year 🙂

5-1 with 6 minutes to go in the 2nd

Okay, it’s still 5-1 at the end of the 2nd, and I must say, the guys look pretty wonderful tonight, mostly because the Hawks are letting them. Don’t get me wrong, I do think Richards’ assists were nice, but I’m still grumpy about the trade, so deal with it. I’m certianly no better after reading the story from the DMN about Marty and Smitty. I know some people think it’s ridiculous to be so attached to people you’ve never met and probably will never get to know, but I feel that hockey brings so much fun to my life and is a big part of my life, and whenever something big like this trade happens, it’s like something big happens in my life. I like to see hockey from more than just the on-ice aspects; I like knowing what’s going on in the players’ lives, hear about what they’re up to and the like. (I suppose I’m an emotional person most of the time anyway, so it’s not too suprising.) I don’t know, I guess it is just my nature to get quite attached to things I love and dig my proverbial claws in.

 Anyway, back to the game…

Marty looks fairly solid tonight, that goal against was really odd; I’m still not sure what happened. I have NO idea whatsoever why they haven’t resigned Hagman…does anyone else have any insight on this? He’s been a great asset for us this year and I’d really hate to see him go since he’s been so great this year (and he’s one of our Finns). Daley scored and I was pretty shocked to see that! He actually did something semi-useful! Oh, wait, I forgot that he was a bit more useful than Norstrom, but whatever.

On to the 3rd!

Sarah (DANG IT! The blog ate almost all of what I wrote about the 3rd….and I’m not rewriting it, so sorry…) 


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The pregame show is making me sad… stop showing replays of Smitty already! Hopefully the Stars can win tonight. They all have to be feeling a little weird after the events this morning.

Nisky has a bruised foot and Grossman is out? Gee, I guess that means my two favorite defensemen will be getting more minutes tonight. Jancevski has been called up to fill in the holes of our teeny tiny defense corps.

Most importantly, Boo and Stu are both back tonight.

Well someone scored for St. Louis while Eriksson was in the box because St. Louis players have wimpy sticks. I’m still tired of them talking about how great the trade is.

Annd Mike Modano missed a completely empty net. Good job buddy 🙂 Apparently the puck was tipped… less fault to him since we won anyway.


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