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Im sure this scowling will be great for the young guys

I'm sure this scowling will be great for the young guys

TSN is reporting that Dave Tippett is next in line to coach the Hamilton/Phoenix/Saskatoon Coyotes. I was never a fan of Tippett and I think this is a pretty terrible hire and shows that the management really has NO interest in bettering the Coyotes. I sure hope the young guys who need lots of guidance get it from one of the assistant coaches since Tippett’s coaching style resembles a mute mime scowling because he lost his banana.



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He is the SignGirls all-time favorite toque modeler

He is the SignGirls' all-time favorite toque modeler

TSN is reporting that Jose Theodore’s 2 month old son passed away recently. Just asking everyone to send their positive thoughts (and prayers if you roll that way) to the Theodore family during what is sure to be a very difficult time for them.


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The playoff race in the Western Conference is in a scary place right now. Just last week, the Stars were in 5th all by themselves, and now we’re in a mess with 3 other teams for the 7-10th spots with the losses to Chicago and San Jose over the weekend.

Sarah and I were at the game Saturday against Chicago, and even though we had a great time at the game, the Stars still couldn’t come up with a win. Here’s to hoping to not finish 5th in the conference because a meeting with the Blackhawks would not be pleasurable. Plus, Brenden is NOT ALLOWED to play games against Chicago anymore since both of his big injuries came against the Hawks.

Just a few comments on some things that have been running through my head the past week or so:

I think Fistric is going to get traded at the deadline. I think it’s a weird coincidence that he didn’t get called up until 2 weeks before the deadline. There were definitely occasions before then that we could have used another (big) defenseman.

How nice would it be to get Jeff Halpern back? It’d be great to have a checking line center who could win some faceoffs. I don’t see us needing to get a big-name center to replace Richards since he will be back for the playoffs, and even though we have the cap space, there is a lot of money that’s not counting for the cap that Hicks still has to pay.

My biggest worry? Smitty going to Detroit. It started out as a rumor in the most recent Hockey News, but it’s a very scary thought. Babcock said last year that if the Wings play their style correctly then their goaltender only needs to be average. How scary would they be with a GREAT goalie? I know Smitty is currently out in Tampa for his post-concussion (read: his head hurts from playing for a team with no intelligent defensemen) syndrome, but I have no doubt that he’d play tomorrow for Detroit if he got traded.

Hagman is playing well in Toronto, no surprise there. He got the OT winning goal against the Rangers over the weekend and is on pace to score at least 20 this season. I want to be done complaining about Avery, but how nice would it have been to have resigned Hagman instead of the person (?) who’s sitting in Hartford eating up Tom Hicks’ wallet.

Speaking of Avery, I don’t know if he’ll be going to the Rangers with Tortorella taking over as coach. He’s not going to take crap from anyone, especially a tool like Avery. I read that the Sharks were scouting Avery – I’d love to transfer the poison to another Pacific division team.

Can Patrick Kane STOP CHEWING ON HIS MOUTHGUARD? He looks like a baby out there with a pacifier.

I want Columbus to make the playoffs. I am still a huge Hitchcock fan, and I’d love to see him get in again. And Rick Nash is the most talented player in the NHL with the exception of Ovechkin. Maybe they could do us a favor and knock San Jose or Detroit out of the playoffs?

I feel bad for Montreal – has there ever been a more epic collapse for a team with such high hopes?

For a closer, here is a picture of Sarah and me at the game Saturday. We’ve added a few more pieces to the outfits – I LOVE the Fanatics Scarves! They also make great rally towels ­čÖé

Hope everyone is doing well! Go Stars!!!


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Barry Melrose has been fired from his job as head coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

I’m not sure this will really help the Lightning, but it’s certainly not going to do any harm. I thought Melrose was a laughable pick for coach over the offseason, but he’s not their only problem.

That team won’t get better until they fire their owners and GM…

I just hope that Smitty continues to play well. First goalie to ever win the Vezina and not make the playoffs: it’s happening this year!


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I’m going to try to do one of these each week to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on with┬ásome of our former players.

First off, Smitty is playing wonderfully for Tampa. He only has one victory, but his GAA is 1.92 (4th in the league) and his save % is .943 (best in the league). He manages to do this with (in my opinion) the worst defense in the league and forwards who aren’t scoring. It’s hard for your stats to be that good, and your record to be as bad as Tampa’s is. I hope Smitty will continue this play throughout the regular season because he is my favorite goalie (sorry Marty lovers) and he deserves to be successful somewhere. On another note, he cut all his curly off and he looks completely different from the very bushy Smitty we used to know.

Antti Miettinen is off to a good start with Minnesota. He has 5 goals, and has been playing really well on the power play with Mikko Koivu. Baby Koivu is one of my favorite Finns, so I’m glad to see they are playing well together.

Nik Hagman has been playing well with Toronto, but Toronto needs more help than Haggy can give to them. He only has one goal, but he’s been playing on the power play and penalty kill so his numbers might go up as the season goes on. I still wish we had him back here in Dallas.

Jussi has been playing well for Tampa (although not scoring). He has┬á2 assists and I think┬áhe’s one of the few Lightning players who have more than one point. They are really struggling in Tampa.┬áHe’s one of the few defensively responsible forwards that Tampa has.


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Ugh, that was a TERRIBLE game last night. I don’t even want to go into any kind of recap. I saw enough of it last night, and I’m sure everyone here doesn’t want to hear about it either. Marty needs to get his legs glued together because he’s letting more things between them than a hooker in Vegas… Sorry for the bad joke, this is a family friendly place most of the time.

Mittens had 3 more points (2 goals and an assist) last night for the Wild and helped Baby Koivu set a record for most points by a Wild player in a game (5). I don’t think Mittens will keep up this production because we just don’t see that many 100 goal scorers anymore, but I’m glad he’s doing well. I know he was relatively unpopular in Dallas, but I always thought he was talented and was just never given the chances here that he needed. The Wild play Tampa today, so it should be interesting to see how Mittens does against Smitty. The duo of Mittens and Baby Koivu should (hopefully) do well against a team that has no defensemen except for the goalies.

Sarah and I will be attending our first hockey game of the season tonight. It’s not the Stars, but the Oklahoma City Blazers are playing their home opener tonight and we are desperate for some hockey. We’ll be representing our Stars with our pink jerseys. There will also be a short moment of silence for my pink jersey since Hagman is no longer on the team. It will be great to finally see some hockey live.


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21 year old D-man, Luc Bourdon died Thursday in a motorcycle accident near his home in Shippagan, New Brunswick. Our deepest sympathies to the Canucks’ organization and fans, and Luc’s family. Our prayers are with you.

Read the Canuck’s story here



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