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Hope you enjoy the pun in the title 🙂 Pics of the not-so-new Jamie Benn jersey will be coming eventually, probably from the next game I go to.

Begin stream of consciousness from the last month or so…

School has completely taken over my life (and I imagine vet school has taken over Sarah’s), so my limited free time has been spent actually watching hockey or spending time with friends. Proud to report that I have a new hockey convert. I took one of my friends to the Baby Stars vs. Rampage game a few weeks ago, and he had a great time. The $1 beers probably didn’t hurt his impressions. I’ll be taking him and another friend (also a hockey virgin) to the Baby Stars vs. Rampage game this weekend. They are both looking forward to it 🙂

I’ve been kind of disappointed with the Stars so far this season. I know they’re doing relatively well with points, but I just don’t see the effort or talent that I expect to see from the Stars. The effort hasn’t been happening every night with the top guys, the effort and talent are lacking throughout the defense corps (with the exception of our top pair and Skrastins), and Marty is either lacking effort or talent. I would say effort, but now I’m starting to think that his play has taken a permanent downturn. I think Crawford is a better coach than Tippett because I actually see his mouth moving during the game as he talks to players. I’m sure this was surprising to players who have played all or most of their career under Tippett. Tippett seems to be doing pretty well in Phoenix, but I think Phoenix is a team that can really benefit from having a coach who is good with plays, teaching the game, etc. The Stars needed someone to kick them into gear, and Tippett failed miserably at that.

I hated seeing Niklas Hagman in a Toronto jersey at the end of October in Dallas. I actually teared up a couple times they showed him skating around. I’m sure it will be equally as bad to see Smitty and Jeffy at the Nov. 28th game. I’m glad these guys went to the East where we don’t see them as often.

Ken Hitchcock coached his 1000th game last night against Detroit, and the Red Wings dominated 9-1. It’s sad that his 1st and 1000th games were bad losses to Detroit, but good that he’s had so many good wins in the middle. I still miss him in Dallas, and always look forward to seeing the Blue Jackets come to town. It’s good to see Hitch again, and seeing Rick Nash is something every hockey fan should experience.

The Stars play San Jose late tonight (9:30 pm start), and I’m looking forward to watching the game since I’ve been going all week for school. The Stars should try starting their games at 9:30 – maybe more fans would show up before the 2nd period. I know that’s been a long-standing problem in Dallas, but it’s pretty pathetic that the Stars attendance in the first period looks incredibly similar to the arenas of Phoenix and Colorado (averaging <10,000 a night).

We have a lot of Stars games planned in the next 2 months. The Nov. 21st game is on my boyfriend’s birthday, so we will be going to hopefully see the Stars kick some Devil butt. Then the whole gang is going for the Nov. 28th game against Tampa. Look for new signs and the split-up Sign Girls at the pregame skate. Next will be Columbus on Dec. 23rd. Sarah and I have an amazing hockey vacation planned in late December, and we’ll be going to the Dec. 29th, 31st, and Jan 2nd games. Talk about a nice break from school! I’m going to get spoiled by all of this hockey!

Stream of consciousness ends here… (meaning I have to actually do some work)



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He is the SignGirls all-time favorite toque modeler

He is the SignGirls' all-time favorite toque modeler

TSN is reporting that Jose Theodore’s 2 month old son passed away recently. Just asking everyone to send their positive thoughts (and prayers if you roll that way) to the Theodore family during what is sure to be a very difficult time for them.


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The Stars got Steve Begin in a trade yesterday for Doug Janik. Begin seems like a good guy – he’s a left-handed shot (because we don’t have enough of those) and he can play all forward positions. He’s listed as a center, but I imagine he’ll get switched to a wing once Richards and Petersen get back from broken bone land.

He automatically gets a few extra points from me because he doesn’t wear a visor. I know all players wear visors/shields before they get to the NHL, and with all the facial injuries, more players are opting to keep wearing them, but I like it when the guys don’t wear visors.

He’s been a scratch for the Habs for the past two weeks or so, but judging from fan reactions, it seems like he was a fan favorite. His past teams include the Flames and Canadiens, plus a few stints for their respective AHL teams. It looks like his best season was in 2005-06 for Montreal when he played 76 games, had 23 points, was +9, and had 113 penalty minutes.

He seems excited to be in Dallas (where he probably won’t be scratched every game);

Q: How does it feel to be in Dallas?

A: I’m pretty excited. I can’t wait to skate with the guys. I want to get to know the guys. I can’t say I was surprised, because I was expecting it, but it’s always a shocker when the coach tells you that you’ve been traded. I’m very, very excited and can’t wait to start.

Overall, he seems to be a nice guy, and hopefully we’ll get to see him in against Anaheim tomorrow afternoon. He says he plays a gritty do-or-die style, which fits in well with the Stars. He’ll also be running into his former team pretty quickly since we play the Canadiens next Sunday.

Best of luck to Janik. I’m not sure what he can to help Montreal, but they definitely need some stability in ANY position, so maybe he can provide some of that.

The only sad part of this news is that it means Jeffy will probably not be making his return to the Stars since we just picked up another center. We still miss you Jeffy!


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The playoff race in the Western Conference is in a scary place right now. Just last week, the Stars were in 5th all by themselves, and now we’re in a mess with 3 other teams for the 7-10th spots with the losses to Chicago and San Jose over the weekend.

Sarah and I were at the game Saturday against Chicago, and even though we had a great time at the game, the Stars still couldn’t come up with a win. Here’s to hoping to not finish 5th in the conference because a meeting with the Blackhawks would not be pleasurable. Plus, Brenden is NOT ALLOWED to play games against Chicago anymore since both of his big injuries came against the Hawks.

Just a few comments on some things that have been running through my head the past week or so:

I think Fistric is going to get traded at the deadline. I think it’s a weird coincidence that he didn’t get called up until 2 weeks before the deadline. There were definitely occasions before then that we could have used another (big) defenseman.

How nice would it be to get Jeff Halpern back? It’d be great to have a checking line center who could win some faceoffs. I don’t see us needing to get a big-name center to replace Richards since he will be back for the playoffs, and even though we have the cap space, there is a lot of money that’s not counting for the cap that Hicks still has to pay.

My biggest worry? Smitty going to Detroit. It started out as a rumor in the most recent Hockey News, but it’s a very scary thought. Babcock said last year that if the Wings play their style correctly then their goaltender only needs to be average. How scary would they be with a GREAT goalie? I know Smitty is currently out in Tampa for his post-concussion (read: his head hurts from playing for a team with no intelligent defensemen) syndrome, but I have no doubt that he’d play tomorrow for Detroit if he got traded.

Hagman is playing well in Toronto, no surprise there. He got the OT winning goal against the Rangers over the weekend and is on pace to score at least 20 this season. I want to be done complaining about Avery, but how nice would it have been to have resigned Hagman instead of the person (?) who’s sitting in Hartford eating up Tom Hicks’ wallet.

Speaking of Avery, I don’t know if he’ll be going to the Rangers with Tortorella taking over as coach. He’s not going to take crap from anyone, especially a tool like Avery. I read that the Sharks were scouting Avery – I’d love to transfer the poison to another Pacific division team.

Can Patrick Kane STOP CHEWING ON HIS MOUTHGUARD? He looks like a baby out there with a pacifier.

I want Columbus to make the playoffs. I am still a huge Hitchcock fan, and I’d love to see him get in again. And Rick Nash is the most talented player in the NHL with the exception of Ovechkin. Maybe they could do us a favor and knock San Jose or Detroit out of the playoffs?

I feel bad for Montreal – has there ever been a more epic collapse for a team with such high hopes?

For a closer, here is a picture of Sarah and me at the game Saturday. We’ve added a few more pieces to the outfits – I LOVE the Fanatics Scarves! They also make great rally towels 🙂

Hope everyone is doing well! Go Stars!!!


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Sorry for the complete lack of updates for the past month or so. I always think that I’ll write more when I go home for breaks, but I end up spending virtually no time on the computer so updating doesn’t get done.

The truth is, I haven’t been in much of a Stars-blogging mood for the past 6 weeks or so (mostly since Nov 21). It’s frustrating that this team doesn’t play well consistently because they’re not put together well enough to make a team that plays well together. I’m still sad about Brenden getting hurt, and I didn’t think everyone wanted to read blogs about how much I want Brenden to come back, how much I miss him, and how the team doesn’t seem the same without him. But enough about that. I vow to get on here more often and update semi-regularly… hopefully.

It’s going to be weird to see the Lightning tonight. I’ll admit – I still miss Smitty a lot too (Jeez, can I just move on already?). I think the team would be so much better off if they had kept both goalies and let them fight for the starting spot this season. If we paired our offense with Smitty’s numbers then I think we could be fighting San Jose/Detroit/Boston for the NHL lead.

I think I’ll end this entry with a few pics from Stars over the break.

Richie getting ready to fly in the shootout against Columbus

Celebrating after beating Columbus in the shootout

I got really excited every time Rick Nash skated by us. I really think he’s the most talented player in the NHL. It was great to finally see him in person. Plus, he scored, which was okay with me. The other Columbus guys just weren’t allowed to score though.

Sarah and me before the Ducks game. I didn’t bring my camera to this one, and I don’t think Sarah got any pictures from the actual game.

Stars skating off the ice after beating Detroit 1/12

I have to thank one of the parents at the school my boyfriend teaches at for the amazing seats for the Columbus and Detroit games. I don’t think he reads this, but just in case.. Thank you so much Brent!


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The rumored deal that kept me up until almost 4 am this morning is done: The Stars have sent Philippe Boucher to Pittsburgh for Darryl Sydor.

I think I am pleasantly surprised about this trade. I really like Boo, and I wanted him to finish his career as a Star. That being said, I think his numerous injuries have finally gotten ahead of him and prevented him from really playing up to his talent level. I wish him the best of luck in Pittsburgh, but I feel that this will for sure be his last season now.

As for Sydor, I am more surprised than anything that he waived his no-trade clause to go back to Dallas. If you read the blog a few entries down, he left really unhappy with the Stars as an organization. I hope that Niskanen or Daley will see a lot less ice time with Syd coming back. Nisky will also lose his defense partner and most likely his number (Syd is also #5).

Overall, I think this trade is good for the Stars. Most people seem to think that the Stars got the bad end of this deal since Syd has been scratched for most of his games in Pittsburgh… and I think that just has to be some issues he had with Pittsburgh’s coach because he is not a healthy scratch type of player. He had been asking for a trade for a long time.

Boo, we will miss you. You’ll always hold a special place in mine and Sarah’s hearts because you read ALL of our signs and you seemed so happy when we told you we’d make one for you.

Welcome home, Syd! 🙂

From his interview today (courtesy of Heika’s blog):

“I didn’t want to leave,” Sydor said. “I have a lot of roots there, and we love Dallas. It is just a dream come true to be able to put that jersey back on. I think the reason why was a cap issue. That’s the way it is; it’s the way the system works. There are no hard feelings. I’m very excited to be back.”


Another note – Fistric is now listed on the active roster of Stars players… doesn’t make sense that we have 8 defensemen, but he hasn’t been officially recalled yet

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Barry Melrose has been fired from his job as head coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

I’m not sure this will really help the Lightning, but it’s certainly not going to do any harm. I thought Melrose was a laughable pick for coach over the offseason, but he’s not their only problem.

That team won’t get better until they fire their owners and GM…

I just hope that Smitty continues to play well. First goalie to ever win the Vezina and not make the playoffs: it’s happening this year!


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