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Here you are guys. The pictures are all after the jump since there are a lot of them. All of them are now up. I noticed we got several views before they were all up, so go look again 🙂 I got stuck uploading pictures while I was reading about Piaget’s stages of development for the millionth time, helping my roommate find a bank, and eating dinner… but they’re all good now.

Practice was great. It was really good to see Boo skating again. Plus Steve Ott really liked his sign 🙂 I just wish Hagman and Brenden had come out… I wanted my hugs! (more…)


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They’re finally playing again! I don’t like this whole waiting 4 days between games thing. I’m glad that the Stars are finally getting a break from their crazy schedule, but I hate going without them for several days.

According to Heika, Richards (flu) and Ribsy (sore elbow) should be in tonight. Also, Nisky should finally be returning from his foot problem. I guess that means Fistric will be a scratch tonight. I really wish they’d scratch Norstrom (since he is the weakest defenseman on the team), but I don’t see that happening. What’s even sadder is that Grossman will probably go back down too when Zubie comes back. If it were me, I’d sit Norstrom and Daley and play with the 3 rookies, Boucher, Zubie, and Robi. I think those would be the best 6 defensemen we could stick out on the ice for the playoffs.

I imagine that Marty will get the start since we haven’t played in a few days and our next game isn’t until Saturday. Tippett could put Holmqvist in for one of the back-to-back Avs games this weekend. He needs to get at least one start before the playoffs.

In other games, the Ducks need to lose to the Blackhawks tonight and Ottawa needs to beat the Guppies. I’d really like a little more breathing room in the division. It seems like those two teams are always right behind us, no matter how well we play.

I have class from 6:30-9:45 tonight, so there won’t be many updates until near the end of the game unless Sarah signs on.


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