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The Stars got Steve Begin in a trade yesterday for Doug Janik. Begin seems like a good guy – he’s a left-handed shot (because we don’t have enough of those) and he can play all forward positions. He’s listed as a center, but I imagine he’ll get switched to a wing once Richards and Petersen get back from broken bone land.

He automatically gets a few extra points from me because he doesn’t wear a visor. I know all players wear visors/shields before they get to the NHL, and with all the facial injuries, more players are opting to keep wearing them, but I like it when the guys don’t wear visors.

He’s been a scratch for the Habs for the past two weeks or so, but judging from fan reactions, it seems like he was a fan favorite. His past teams include the Flames and Canadiens, plus a few stints for their respective AHL teams. It looks like his best season was in 2005-06 for Montreal when he played 76 games, had 23 points, was +9, and had 113 penalty minutes.

He seems excited to be in Dallas (where he probably won’t be scratched every game);

Q: How does it feel to be in Dallas?

A: I’m pretty excited. I can’t wait to skate with the guys. I want to get to know the guys. I can’t say I was surprised, because I was expecting it, but it’s always a shocker when the coach tells you that you’ve been traded. I’m very, very excited and can’t wait to start.

Overall, he seems to be a nice guy, and hopefully we’ll get to see him in against Anaheim tomorrow afternoon. He says he plays a gritty do-or-die style, which fits in well with the Stars. He’ll also be running into his former team pretty quickly since we play the Canadiens next Sunday.

Best of luck to Janik. I’m not sure what he can to help Montreal, but they definitely need some stability in ANY position, so maybe he can provide some of that.

The only sad part of this news is that it means Jeffy will probably not be making his return to the Stars since we just picked up another center. We still miss you Jeffy!



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