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I'll miss you, Marty.

Words can’t describe how upset I am about this. And, yes, I know it was expected….I just hoped I could hold on to my delusions at least until June. I promise I’ll do his official leaving justice, but right now, I’m just not ready.

Check out what Marty and Brenden have said: (from Heika’s blog)

“It’s pretty tough to talk about, really. There are so many people who I have known for so long here, Mike (Modano), Jere (Lehtinen), Stephane (Robidas), Otter (Steve Ott), my boy (Brenden Morrow), and not just the players but the other guys like the training staff. They do so much for you, especially a goalie. There are so many people who directly affect your career and your life, and I have been with this group for my entire career. That’s one that if you move, you know you are going to miss those guys.”

On how his home office looks with Stars memorabilia:

“For being a maize and blue guy (University of Michigan), I’ve got a lot of green and gold in my house,” he said. “I never would have thought when I was drafted it would have lasted this long or meant this much, but it has. To each their own, but my whole perspective of hockey is to entrench myself deeply in the team and put myself in other’s shoes as much as possible. The idea of winning to me is being a team and being a family, and the closer you are the better. And even though my job description is stopping pucks, it’s just meant so much more to me to do other things, maybe to a fault sometime. It is my style to totally immerse myself in what I do. To say I just played eight seasons for the Dallas Stars, that only scratches the surface of how I feel about this time in my life and what they have meant to me.”

Stars captain Brenden Morrow said he will definitely miss Turco.

“He’s my best friend and my neighbor and we’ve known each other really since we’ve been here, so it will be tough,” Morrow said. “But we’re professionals and we’ll move on. We understand it’s a job, but sometimes that job is tough.”

I’ll miss you, Marty. More than words can say. You’re always going to be “my favorite player in the whole world.” Yes, Marty, the whole world.



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The Stars sent James Neal and Mark Fistric down to the Manitoba Moose of the AHL and Chris Conner back down to the Peoria Rivermen of the AHL today.

I saw the Fistric thing coming. Tippett has said nothing but bad things of him this season, and he most likely will be the odd man out when Zubie returns. I figured Chris Conner would be going back down soon since he didn’t even play last night.

Sending Neal down leaves us with too few forwards to skate a full 4 lines, not that Tippett has been doing that anyway. Heika seems to think that they just sent Neal down to work out salary cRap stuff with Zubie and Lehtinen hopefully returning soon. I don’t like them sending Neal down, and sending him down just because he is the only one who doesn’t have to go through waivers is stupid. They shouldn’t have spent all of their money on Richards and Avery because this whole sending people down “just because of cap space” is getting ridiculous.


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First off, I know this road trip will still be considered a success if we can get 2 points against the Islanders tonight. That doesn’t change how terrible that loss was last night to New Jersey and how it showed this team has so many problems it may not be able to overcome this year. I’ll start from the goalie and move out (imagine Optimus Prime saying that part)

Marty showed flashes of playing well last night as his defense and offsense collapsed around him and offered no help. That being sad, he is still playing poorly this season. He goes into these slumps every season, but he has never had to play himself out of one before. Tippett always gave the starts to Hedberg, Tugger, or Smitty for a week or so while Marty would work out his problems in practice. He’d come back in 3 or 4 games and everything would roll along smoothly in net again. That’s not happening this year. I think Tippett expects Marty to play out of his slump, and I’m not sure how well it’s working out for him.

Our defense corps has problems. Of our three amazing rookies from last year, one of them is starting with what looks to be a bad sophomore slump. Niskanen has been out on front of Marty for a LOT of the goals scored against us. Tippett seems to have something against Fistric since he’s barely been playing him in games or scratching him so Janik can play. Grossman has been playing well compared to the others, but definitely not at the level we need him to be at. I really don’t think Trevor Daley is very good, and he’s definitely not the second coming of Darryl Sydor like so many people promised. He’s out there with Niskanen for almost all the goals. Boucher has been relatively invisible so far this season, but I give him a bit of a break because he did miss most of last season and training camp so it has to be harder for him to come back. I have nothing but good to say of Robi. Except for taking a few suspect penalties, he’s been our best guy on defense.

Our offense has been producing enough goals to win most games, so the biggest problem with our offense is their inability to play defense. I noticed last night how far away most of the forwards were from the defensemen when the Devils were skating the puck into our zone. Most of them forget that they have to actually play defense when they are out on the ice. Our 3 rookies look like they’re having a lot of trouble getting back to play the puck, and a large part of that is that they’re new to the league and will need some time to get used to the system. Brad Richards has been such a disappointment to this team. His defensive skills are severely lacking, and in my dad’s words he thinks “defense is what separates his yard from the neighbor’s”. Sean Avery spends most of his time skating in circles and never really doing anything worthwhile. He doesn’t look anything like a player getting paid $4 million a year.

The only forwards I actually skating after the puck into the defensive end are Brenden, Modano, Petersen, and Ott (when he is playing). So that gives us 3-4 forwards who consistently skate for the puck to help support the defensemen. Match that with our young defense corps that’s not playing up to its ability and we have a LOT of problems.

This team follows Brenden Morrow, and everyone can see that Morrow is really frustrated on the ice. He takes penalties simply because he’s angry and uses his force to break someone’s stick, knock them over, etc. I know these are stupid penalties, but I can’t help look at him like a silly puppy that does something bad so I have problems being mad at him. He needs to play better though because most members of this team will pick up their play if he picks up his.

One thing that has gone relatively unnoticed in this season so far is the resurgence of Mike Modano. The only 2 wins the Stars have come from games he scored at least 1 goal in. He has been flying all over the ice, and it’s so nice to see after watching him the past several seasons.

So Stars, the Sign Girls are calling you out. Play better!


One last thing: Congrats to Ralph and Razor for winning 2 more Lone Stars Emmys for their amazing job of covering Game 6 of the San Jose series in May.

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I was originally going to compile a list of what I thought were the 10 best and 10 worst things of the 2007-08 season, but then I got to typing and realized I couldn’t think of 10 bad things. So it’s just 5 for now, and the 10 best will be following shortly (pretty sure I can think of 10 there).

5. The play of Mattias Norstrom during the regular season. He made over $4 million, and played like he was worth less than $1 million. I know I ranted about this several times earlier in the season, but he was consistently our worst defenseman through the whole season.

4. March. Well March has always been my least favorite month of the year (too much basketball), but the Stars seemed to hate March at a whole new level this season. I know it was a difficult month thanks to the wonderful scheduling of the NHL and there was going to have to be some dropoff after the amazing February we had. I just didn’t expect the Stars would play that terribly. I admit that I had moments during that month when I wasn’t sure if we deserved to be in the playoffs. Luckily they overcame the darkest month of the season and played well in April AND May.

3. Zubie and Boucher missing most of the season with injuries. It hurt to have them out. Our rookies stepped up to the task and performed well and Robi stepped in great for Zubie on the power play, but we still missed the experience those guys brought to the ice. On a personal level, I know this couldn’t have been a good year for them either.

2. No Cup. We did have a great run though, didn’t we? I love that we got so far in the playoffs when very few expected us to make it out of the first round. Even though we didn’t win it all, these 3 playoff rounds gave our entire team playoff experience they had never had (or hadn’t in a long time).

1. The trade. Now that the season is over, I’ll admit the trade wasn’t as terrible as I initially thought (more thoughts on that later) but it still goes down as my worst moment for the season. Losing Smitty, Jeffy, and Jussi hurt. I know that Richards proved himself in the playoffs, but I still think the Stars would have been better off getting a scoring winger instead of another center. I also still think the Stars gave up too much to get him. With Stu and Lehtinen out, it would have been great to have Jeffy in the lineup for his defensive play and ability in the faceoff circle. If Stu decides to retire, then that leaves us with a bigger hole of finding a defensive forward as good as Stu or Jeffy.

All of these “worst” moments aren’t all bad though because they all have upsides… and I’ll cover those and more for the 10 best moments of the season (although it may be more than 10… or I may have to devote another 10 to just Brenden)


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It really just hurt me to type “Nashville” over “Trashville” up there.

I am usually not into bashing other teams, but the Predators are one of my few exceptions in the league (Detroit being the other usually). A friend pointed out this article to me, and while it is mean to the Predators, I feel as if they deserve it. The article just neglects to mention one thing – it was the stupidity of Trashville’s players that led to Arnott missing the end of the series.

Enough about that. For once, I’m hoping it takes the Stars longer than 4 or 5 games to finish this series…. I’ll be [most likely] headed to Game 6 next Sunday!!


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It’s been one month since the trade. You guys know I was really against messing with the chemistry of this team to get a player who might make things better in the playoffs. When the trade happened, several people told me that I would come to love the trade, that the guys we gave up weren’t really necessary, that everything would be okay, etc.

It may not be fair to judge this trade as a failure one month into it, but if Richards had been the offensive machine everyone said he was, the verdict after one month would be that the trade was an excellent idea.

Since giving up Smitty, Jeffy, and Jussi we have won 3 games. Since getting Richards we have won 2.
The last time we scored a 3rd period goal was March 1st.
After Richards’ first game with 5 assists, he only has 4 points.

One month later, I am still upset. I still don’t completely understand why Brett and Les thought we needed Richards in the first place. The goal was to get a winger to play with Mike Modano, not get another center who seems incapable of playing wing with Modano. The line of Brenden-Modano-Richards played okay hockey together, but splitting up Morrow and Ribeiro is stupid with the way they’ve been playing all year long. Brett said Richards could “win the first round for us”, but now I’m worried as to whether or not we will actually make the playoffs. And Richards isn’t doing anything to help that effort.


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Smitty…Jeffy….and Jussi….

Gone to Tampa Bay for that over-paid bum, Brad Richards…

I suppose I can see why Smitty’s gone, but Halpy and Jussi, too? That’s just stupid stupid stupid stupid.

I’m so pissed I can’t think of anything to say…


Edit: Okay, so it’s not the worst thing in the world as long as he doesn’t work out like Turgeon or the like….but I’m still not too terribly thrilled.

Here’s what Hull has to say. Is it bad that I want to punch him in the face when they say he’s all smiles?

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