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Even though the Stars haven’t been mathematically eliminated from the playoff race, everyone knows that it’s going to take more than a miracle to get in. If we were to even make the playoffs, I don’t think they can survive without the likes of Morrow, Richards, Zubov, and Robidas.

I plan on watching the playoffs, and have decided to cheer for Columbus and Detroit (and Montreal and Washington in the East), but I know it won’t be the same without my Stars in the playoffs.

The only times I haven’t seen the Stars make the playoffs were in 2001-02 and 2004-05 (but there was NO NHL hockey that year so it doesn’t really count), so this is a sad time for me. I know this is the first time we haven’t made the playoffs for a lot of Stars bloggers… believe me, long offseasons suck. But right now, that really seems to be the best solution for this team. Well, that and some roster moves, but expect a large blog about that once the season is actually over.

Since this is a sad time that leaves me feeling very confused and a little depressed, I’ve been watching archived games over at the BEST hockey-watching website ever (www.hockeystreams.com) from last season’s playoffs. Maybe I’ll watch all the way through in the coming months, but tonight I’m watching Game 1 vs. the Ducks. Watching the game brings back a flood of feelings and activities that I will be sad to miss this spring… even though, in hindsight, they may not have been overly productive to my life outside of watching hockey and talking about hockey (which, if I had my way, would not include much).

So, here’s the list of things I’ll miss this spring:

  • Wearing a Stars shirt for every gameday. This was made better by the fact that I wore a shirt over and over until the Stars lost a game. Since the games were usually every other day, I had a few people in my MWF classes who wondered if I had lost all my other clothes.
  • Washing said “lucky” shirt after each playoff win. I wore my Helsinki South shirt for Game 6 of the Anaheim series and the first 3 games of the San Jose series, so after each game, I’d make a mad rush to my dorm’s laundry room to get the shirt washed before I needed to wear it again.
  • Watching Versus from 6 pm – well past midnight when the last game was finally over. I did this every night to get see how all the other teams were doing and pick out future matches for the Stars.
  • The random thunderstorms in San Antonio that cut off my cable seconds after Brenden Morrow scored an overtime winning goal. I still remember the phone call to my mom: “MOM!!!! WE WON!! BRENDEN SCORED AND THEN MY CABLE DIED!”
  • Eating duck, shark, and wings for each round of the playoffs.
  • Staring down the girl at Trinity who wears a Red Wings jersey.
  • Checking every hockey website at least every hour to see if there is any news of injuries or other important events.
  • The sacrifice that Robi made on every shift.
  • Funny Brenden/Marty postgame conferences about chickens.
  • Brenden’s hits. Brenden’s goals (even the ones disallowed). Brenden’s “I want to win or else” attitude that he kept throughout the entire playoffs. Brenden standing on the bench screaming at Tippett that he wanted to play. THE goal in Game 6. I could write a whole entry on how much better Brenden makes the playoffs.
  • Being in the emergency room for Game 2 of the first round, and being more concerned about how the Stars were doing than how I was doing.
  • Going to playoff games and getting to stand the whole time without complaints from “fans”.
  • How exhausted you feel the morning after a 4 OT loss compared to how elated you feel the morning after a 4 OT win.
  • Arranging my schedule around the playoffs schedule. “No, I can’t come to the meeting tonight. I have another meeting I can’t get out of.”
  • Starting a small riot with our “Believe” sign after Game 4 of the Conference Finals.
  • Sitting in the Fanatics section and starting all the chants that went through the arena.
  • Razor’s playoff blogs, especially the songs he writes for players. “B. Morrow” and “Turcolicious” should be hits!
  • Sitting in class wondering if Tippett will shuffle the lines, if Marty will show up to play, how many people Ott will piss off, what else Brenden will be able to do… Well maybe this will benefit my grades this spring!
  • The knowledge that EVERY shift of EVERY game is important.
  • Even though it’s hard when they lose, it’s so much better when they win. I will miss living and dying with all of their wins and losses. Nothing beats the feelings of having a team in the playoffs.

This ended up being pretty long, and I could still write more. But I have hockey to watch…



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Sorry for completely vanishing for a while; school and getting all of my stuff done to try to get into OSU’s vet school for the fall has been crazy…I promise I will do my best to keep up with my blogging duties from now on! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, just a quick note before the 25th comes and goes without a little bit of fanfare…



You may now continue to your regularly scheduled evening!



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The playoff race in the Western Conference is in a scary place right now. Just last week, the Stars were in 5th all by themselves, and now we’re in a mess with 3 other teams for the 7-10th spots with the losses to Chicago and San Jose over the weekend.

Sarah and I were at the game Saturday against Chicago, and even though we had a great time at the game, the Stars still couldn’t come up with a win. Here’s to hoping to not finish 5th in the conference because a meeting with the Blackhawks would not be pleasurable. Plus, Brenden is NOT ALLOWED to play games against Chicago anymore since both of his big injuries came against the Hawks.

Just a few comments on some things that have been running through my head the past week or so:

I think Fistric is going to get traded at the deadline. I think it’s a weird coincidence that he didn’t get called up until 2 weeks before the deadline. There were definitely occasions before then that we could have used another (big) defenseman.

How nice would it be to get Jeff Halpern back? It’d be great to have a checking line center who could win some faceoffs. I don’t see us needing to get a big-name center to replace Richards since he will be back for the playoffs, and even though we have the cap space, there is a lot of money that’s not counting for the cap that Hicks still has to pay.

My biggest worry? Smitty going to Detroit. It started out as a rumor in the most recent Hockey News, but it’s a very scary thought. Babcock said last year that if the Wings play their style correctly then their goaltender only needs to be average. How scary would they be with a GREAT goalie? I know Smitty is currently out in Tampa for his post-concussion (read: his head hurts from playing for a team with no intelligent defensemen) syndrome, but I have no doubt that he’d play tomorrow for Detroit if he got traded.

Hagman is playing well in Toronto, no surprise there. He got the OT winning goal against the Rangers over the weekend and is on pace to score at least 20 this season. I want to be done complaining about Avery, but how nice would it have been to have resigned Hagman instead of the person (?) who’s sitting in Hartford eating up Tom Hicks’ wallet.

Speaking of Avery, I don’t know if he’ll be going to the Rangers with Tortorella taking over as coach. He’s not going to take crap from anyone, especially a tool like Avery. I read that the Sharks were scouting Avery – I’d love to transfer the poison to another Pacific division team.

Can Patrick Kane STOP CHEWING ON HIS MOUTHGUARD? He looks like a baby out there with a pacifier.

I want Columbus to make the playoffs. I am still a huge Hitchcock fan, and I’d love to see him get in again. And Rick Nash is the most talented player in the NHL with the exception of Ovechkin. Maybe they could do us a favor and knock San Jose or Detroit out of the playoffs?

I feel bad for Montreal – has there ever been a more epic collapse for a team with such high hopes?

For a closer, here is a picture of Sarah and me at the game Saturday. We’ve added a few more pieces to the outfits – I LOVE the Fanatics Scarves! They also make great rally towels ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope everyone is doing well! Go Stars!!!


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Our Annual November Expedition!

Yes, it is that time of year again! You lovely people will be graced with our wonderful presence at the November 28th game, our annual day after Thanksgiving game!

So sorry for our lack of anything, especially from me! (Yeeesh, it’s like I completely disappeared!) Many of you understand the work load of full-time college students and we thank you for your patience and lack of pitchforks and torches for our (ahem, my…Amy’s been doing great) lack of updating!

See you all later this week! Let us know if you want to come down to the pregame skate to be “honorary” sign girls! ๐Ÿ™‚



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Picture Page Overhaul

Sarah and I took pictures of all our signs last weekend, and I finally uploaded them all onto our pictures page.

So look and enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


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Without further ado, here are our new and improved outfits for the 2008-09 season!



I have to give kudos to Nancy, a woman who works with my mom, for making our pants. Over the summer, I had the idea of sewing gold stars onto our game jeans. Nancy was nice enough to lend us her amazing sewing skills to get the stars on there.

More after the jump!


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Hockey Superstitions

Part of the credit for this blog goes to Adam since his comment gave me the idea of doing this.

I think all Stars fans (and fans of other teams) have superstitions about what to wear, eat, etc when the Stars play. I know I have plenty of weird superstitions, and they get even stranger once the playoffs start.

I wear the same thing when I attend games. The only part of my ensemble that changes is the jersey I wear. I hate to assign jerseys as being good luck or bad luck. Hey, they cost $300, I’m not going to stop wearing one because the Stars lose a game! Then jeans and shoes I wear are only worn to Stars games. I wear the same underwear too.. but I won’t go into that.

Pre-game meals are also a big deal. We always eat somewhere in the West End before games. Spiatza’s is my favorite, and the Stars seem to win most of the times we eat there. Some restaurants get black-listed though. The first was Tony Roma’s. The first time we ate there before a game, the Stars lost. The second time we ate there was the night Salei hit Modano and we got to watch him hauled off the ice on a stretcher. We never ate there again before a game, and now they’re out of business.

Last season, Sarah and I tried Gator’s for the first time on a Sunday afternoon. The food was pretty good, but the Stars ended up playing terribly and they lost 4-0 to San Jose. Gator’s was put on “probation” for this season. I’ll try going back again next season, but if the Stars play terribly or someone gets hurt, it’s done.

It gets more important during the playoffs. For Game 1, I pick a Stars shirt and wear it the day of the game. If they lose the game, I put that shirt away for the playoffs and move onto another one. If they win, I wear it again for the next game. This continues until the Stars get out of the playoffs or I run out of shirts. I haven’t run out of shirts yet. When we play series against west coast teams, I take a pregame nap and prepare to sit down in front of the TV with Sarah on the phone an hour before the game starts.

At home, my dad and I each have a conch shell that we blow when the Stars score a goal. I’m sure we’ve woken neighbors up several times during late night playoff games. If I ever get to sit with the Havoc Fanatics, I hope to be the first person to have a conch shell in the section.

Oh, and I never wear red during the playoffs. Actually, looking around my rooms (here and at home) I realize that I don’t really own any red things.

So let me know,ย what are your weird superstitions or traditions for Stars games?


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